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Code C - Where Innovation Married Fashion


Code C is an innovative and particular botique, situated in 8641 Sunset Boulevard , West Hollywood (CA).

Code C is a 3000 sq. ft. space, where you can buy the collections of the bests and most moderns pret-à-porter designers, and lots of other things, like cosmetics, fragrances, candles and furnishings.
Code C's main particularity yet is the staff: a group of professional stylists, who will create for you perfect outfits according with your tastes and personality, show you make-up tutorials with Code C products, help you searching the goods for an unique experience!

  • ASTAR and Alpinestar by Denise Forcil. These are the collections of fashion apparel by Alpinestar, an Italian firm specialized in motorcycle clothing since 1963. ASTAR collection is more sporty and basic, perfect for the women who love outdoors living. Its key items are knit tops and sweaters. Alpinestar by Denise Forcil collection is more fashion-imprinted, with its romantic dresses and blouses, combined with best-quality leather jackets.
  • Habitual. Quality brand in the denim industry, that fuses luxury and functionality, by creating fine articles perfect for everyday life and office.
  • Single. Dedicated to independents and successful women, this brand offers a large choice of dresses: the CLASSIC 2012 collection is composed by some classic lines dresses, while the RESORT 2012 collection is full of colorful, feminine, with a strong personality dresses.
  • Hysteric Glamour. Japanese brand, inspired by some women who were rock icons in the 60's and 70's like Patti Smith, BLONDIE, Debbie Harry. Collection is characterized by classic elements mixed with others exuberant and edgy, full of colors and materials contrasts.
  • Valerj Probega. The designer is an ex-model, and surely having the possibility of studying clothes in a such particular way (wearing them), influenced a lot her brand's style. Main characteristics of her collection are neutral and elegant colors and soft shapes of her tunics and caftans.
  • Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. Successful pret-à-porter line of affirmed fashion house Vivienne Westwood. This collection is accessible to every woman, because of the use of jersey, a material that looks good on every type of body and size!
  • Vivenne Westwood Red-Label. The other pret-à-porter line by this brand, with more elegant and classic shapes, but also an incredible sex-appeal.
  • Rebecca Minkoff. Lasts, but not for their importance, collections of this very affirmed American designer (designed as #1 independent accessories designer USA), with their urban and modern style are loved by lots of young divas, that define it “casual luxury”.
  • Kuumba. Jewel collection with indigenous style, inspired by natural elements. Tradition fuses with Los Angeles' modern elegance.
  • Maria Angela. Particular and unique jewels, full of exotic elements, like flower and fringes, that make them absolutely glamour.
  • Mitchel Primrose. Brand who create glamour jewels, with modern design, that cannot be unnoticed!


As well as the already mentioned professional and innovative stylists work, Code C already has an online shop (at, where you can buy and take a look of all the collections sold in the shop, and find out more about Code C and all its designers. Oh, and there's free shipping in all the USA... isn't it amazing?
Code C has also a blog (at where you can read about all the shop's collections, designers, special offers and promotion, understand the style and the personality of the staff, and get some style tips!

Then Code C is a place where you can discover the best of designer collection from the whole world, selected by a professional and kind staff, who can also help you find clothes you will love and show you how tho combine them perfectly. This shop is definitely a must for everyone who has the possibility of going shopping in Hollywood, but also for those one who likes online shopping and wants to have some original and trendy designers items in their wardrobe!

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